Ford Recalls Pickup Trucks Due to Fuel-Line Problems
                    November 3, 2000

                    Dow Jones Newswires

                    DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. on Friday said it is recalling 709,245 full-size
                    pickup trucks in the U.S. because of fuel-line problems.

                    The majority of F-150 and F-250 pickup trucks produced in 1997 are
                    being recalled, said Ford spokesman Mike Vaughn. Mr. Vaughn said the
                    fuel-line assembly could come into contact with other components and
                    eventually cause a leak.

                    Ford began notifying customers about the problem at the end of
                    October and will finish notifying them by the beginning of December.
                    The fix involves repositioning the fuel line or replacing and repositioning
                    the fuel line if it has been damaged.

                    Mr. Vaughn declined comment about when Ford would complete the
                    recall. So far, Ford has received 191 warranty claims that could possibly
                    be linked to the problem, Mr. Vaughn said, but there have been no
                    injuries, fires or accidents.

                    In addition, Mr. Vaughn said that less than 1% of the recall population
                    could contain the defect.

                    In August, Ford recalled 800 Ford Escape sport-utility vehicles because
                    the speed control cable could break and cause the throttle not to return
                    to the idle position. However, Mr. Vaughn said only 14 Escapes were in
                    customer hands because the vehicle had just been launched that

                    Mr. Vaughn declined comment on when Ford would finish the Escape
                    recall. Also, he declined comment on how much either of the recalls
                    would cost Ford. Mr. Vaughn said he didn't know whether the company
                    has warranty reserves adequate enough to cover the costs.